Real Estate Consulting

 In GreekRealty we strongly believe in personal services. This is why we speak your language.. Together we will map your needs. We will advise you on legal procedures and formalities for purchasing the property and obtain the Residence permit. Then we will carefully define the specifications in order to focus on the appropriate property.


Real Estate Services

 Even if we don’t have the ideal property registered already in our lists, we will search for it and we will present you with a range of properties that cover your specifications. From these properties you will select those that interest you most and one of our associates will accompany you in your visits and discussions with the sellers. When we will finally find together the property that you dream, our Legal associates will undertake the screening process of the titles and our engineer associates will undertake the property inspection process. We are at your disposal to support you in the process of purchasing and in the process of obtaining the residence permit, if this is in your scope.


Estate Management

 We will be glad to undertake the management of your property. With our associates we will provide Legal and Accounting services. We will assist you in opening a bank account, insure the property, sign the contracts with the public utilities, make periodic visits of the property for control, monitor all obligations to public utilities, municipality and state authorities, deposit of periodic declarations to the tax authorities etc.


Rental Management

 If you so wish, we can undertake the rental of your property, the dealing with the tenants, the prompt payment of the rent, etc. Alternatively, we can undertake the short-term lease to tourists (Vacation rental) with favorable terms.


Design and Construction

 Our parent company Calon Constructions, will assist you with the architectural design, the building permits and the construction or restoration of your property, with consistency, responsibility and respect to your needs and desires.